1 Step Nail Gel Polish Pen


3 Colors Value Pack is available now !!

Applying gel polish to achieve that glossy and colorful nails can give you too much of a hassle because of all the steps that you have to follow. There is now a genius way to paint your nails easily with the help of 1 Step Gel Nail Polish Pen.

The 1 Step Gel Nail Polish Pen’s all in one formula gives you ease in not needing any base and top coat as it already does it all. With its ergonomic design, it also gives you the ease of application, no need to dip and redip from a bottle, just twist and let the gel polish flow. 


  • All in One:
    No need for a base and top coat, simply apply it on nail surface.

  • Easy to Use:
    The pen-shaped design makes application easy to control.

  • Portable:
    Small enough to fit in your bag or pouch and use wherever.
  • Long-Lasting:
    can last up to 3 weeks.
  • Safe Ingredients:
    Healthy and environmentally friendly ingredients.


  • Push back cuticles, trim, clean and dry your nails.
  • Apply a thin layer of gel polish and cure under an LED or UV nail dryer lamp.
  • Repeat the process of application until you get the desired color intensity.


  • Main Ingredient: Resin
  • Weight: 5mL
  • Size:12.5cm×1.6cm
  • Main Ingredients: Resin
  • Color: Red Wine, Blue, Pink, Green, Purple


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