‘-10ᴼ Cooling Collar

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-10ᴼ Cooling Collar help pets prone to over-heating. They are soaked briefly in water & the polymer crystals inside turn into a gel & expandOnce soaked in water for about 5 mins, they can keep cool for whole day. 

Our Cooling Collar is suitable for human & pets. They help you stay cool in the hot summer


  • AMAZING COOLING TECHNOLOGY: The polymer crystals inside the collar will absorb cold water & expand. It helps to keep cool for whole day.
  • SUPER COMFORTABLE: Made of soft & comfortable materials, does not hurt the skin.
  • ADJUSTABLE: You can adjust the neck length, so it is suitable for human & pets
  • REUSABLE: Washable & Easy to clean.
  • WIDELY USED: Ideal for everyday wear, photo shot, parties etc


    • Color: Green, Pink, Blue, Black, Orange
    • Sizes: 5cm x 100cm (Adjustable)


    • -10ᴼ Cooling Collar x 1pc


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