2-in-1 Cat Eye Thermochromic Nail Polish

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The most playful & captivating nail polish is HERE! 2-in-1 Cat Eye Thermochromic Nail Polish creates enchanting Cat Eye Gemstone effect, featuring a temperature reactive formula with vibrant color selection!

The mesmerizing Cat Eye effect forms glowing stripes which move by different perspectives.

Stunning 2-tone colors react to your changing body temperature.

For a fast transition that will wow the crowd, place hands on a glass of wine, under warm or cold water and watch them change right before your eyes.

  • Cat Eye + Color Changing Effect
  • Stunning color Ombre effect upon temperature difference
  • 2 tone styles for matching outfits & mood for fun
  • Extra smooth formula & vibrant color selections
  • Durable & long lasting for at least 4 weeks
  • Non-toxic & non-irritating smell


  1. Apply Base coat first, cure with UV lamp or LED lamp.
  2. Apply polish directly, cure with UV / LED lamp for 1 min; when dry, apply the 2nd layer and cure with UV lamp or LED lamp again.
  3. Coat with topcoat, then cured by UV lamp or LED lamp.
  4. Remove the tacky surface with cotton soaked with cleanser.


  • 2-in-1 Cat Eye Thermochromic Nail Polish X 1


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