2pcs Breast Milk Collector Shells

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These breast milk shells are highly recommended for moms in the early days of breastfeeding. Your nipples will often be sensitive and are more likely to become engorged as your milk supply establishes. Breast milk will be locked in the shell-shape collector to ensure that no leaking on mom’s bra or clothing.


  • Food Grade Silicone Material, BPA Free, Non-toxic & Reusable. Very safe for you & your baby
  • In built spout to allow for pouring of collected milk into a storage container or baby bottle
  • Catch your precious breast milk when feeding off the opposite breast instead of using a breast pad
  • Protects clothing from moisture or stains
  • Build your breast milk stash effortlessly
  • Designed to be worn discretely inside your maternity bra
  • Easy to clean. Dishwasher and steam sterilizer safe
  • Protect sore & cracked nipples
  • Very comfortable to wear

Package Includes: 2x Breast Milk Collector Shells
Measurement: 90 mm x 32 mm

Delivery time: 10 business days
Email: [email protected]


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