3D Teeth Whitening Strips

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Whitening your teeth professionally at home!

Teeth whitenings these days cost a fortune each time you go to your dentist, but you can do it on your own now with the 3D Teeth Whitening Strips.

The 3D Teeth Whitening Strips are designed to provide you instant white teeth with fresh mint scent every after use. It is easy to use so you can do the application anytime and anywhere. Now you can achieve the white teeth that you have been dreaming without spending a fortune with your dentist.


  • Instant Teeth Whitening:
    It has Hydrogen Peroxide that instantly removes years of tough coffee, wine, and smoking-related teeth stains.
  • Easy To Use:
    Just peel the white strip and evenly apply across your teeth.
  • Ultra-thin:
    The strip is so thin that it’s not too noticeable and you wont get any uncomfortable feeling and.
  • Portable:
    It is pocket-sized so you can use it anywhere and anytime to not miss any schedule of application. You can also use it while doing your normal daily tasks.
    • Tooth Whitening Contrast Card:
      The contrast card lets you to see the progress of your teeth whitening.
    • Mint Flavour:
      It comes with mild and pleasant mint flavour for an instant fresh breath.

      HOW TO USE:

      1. Peel. Tear open the foil packet. Remove strip with dry hands and peel away from backing lining.
      2. Apply. Applying sticky gel side against your teeth. Line up with the edge of gum and gently apply pressure to mold the strip securely to the teeth. Fold the remaining strip behind your teeth to keep it in place.
      3. Reveal. After 30 minutes, peel off both strips and you can see the instant whitening result.


        • Color: Transparent (whitening strips), Blue (packaging)
        • Weight: 49g
        • Size: 12cm X 5.5cm


        • 1 x 3D Teeth Whitening Strips (28PCS)


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