6-Pockets Wall Handbag Hanging Organizer

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Purses and bags are essential accessories that heightens ones fashion senses. Besides the glamour carrying a bag or purse gives, it also serve as a good store house for the things we need while on the move. But where we keep our bags and purse matters, and that’s why every bag and purse lover needs the new 6-Pockets Wall Handbag Hanging Organizer to keep bags and purses safe and neatly arranged.

This Hanging Organizer is made from high quality non-woven polythene and plastic materials that guarantees strength and durability. It comes with 6 compartment open to different sizes of bags and purses as suitable storage spaces. It helps keep your bags neatly tucked and well organized for future use.


  • 6 Pockets for 6 Bags
  • Large Compartments for All Bags Sizes
  • Easy to Use, Can Be Hung on the Wall
  • Sturdy Design, Lightweight, Long-Lasting
  • Highly Durable, and Effective
  • 100% High Quality Polythene and Plastic Material


  • Just hang on the wall or place alone as a stand.


  • Material: Polythene, Plastic
  • Weight: 160g
  • Size: 90cm x 35cm
  • Color: Black, Green, Pink, Purple, Blue


  • 1 x 6-Pockets Wall Handbag Hanging Organizer


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