8 in 1 Multi-Functional Can Opener

$35.97 $16.97

No More  Complicated Kitchen Tool!  8 in 1 Multi-Functional Can Opener solves your Daily Opener Problem, such as open the can, jars and pop top; twist the cap; tear the plastic bag; lift the tin lid and pull tab.


Comfortable Ergonomic Handle suits for everyone, let you use it without any inconvenience!



Open the CanErgonomic Handle to open the can With No Sharp Edge

Safety Magnetic Function – Removes the hole top of the can, Preventing dust and dirt from Falling into the can, Avoiding user Getting Hurt

Twist the Cap – Twist the caps Effortlessly

Lift the Tin Lid and Pull Tab – Ergonomic Handle to lift them

Open the Jars & Pop Top – Fast Open the Jars & Pop Top Easily

Remove Fruit Skin – Peel the Citrus Fruits Easily

Tear Plastic / Vacuum Bag – Convenient to Tear the food package

Easy Storage – Foldable Handle,  capable to store in various places

Easy to Clean – The blade is Rust Free, Dishwasher safe

Durable – Made from reliable and strong Plastic (ABS Material) and Stainless Steel






1 X 8 in 1 Multi-Functional Can Opener



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