Activated Charcoal Pearl Brightening Soap Bar

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Activated Charcoal Pearl Brightening Soap Bar 
naturally lightens scars and dark spots. It removes dull & dead skin instantly, resulting in a hydrated and luminous complexion.

Activated charcoal is a natural lightener & gentle exfoliant to even out dull skin tone & fade dark spots. It inhibits melanin synthesis and helps in tackling hyper-pigmentation.

Enriched with brightening blend of natural plant extracts & antioxidants, Pearl is potent with powerful age-control nutrients leaving flawless and youthful skin.


  • Visibly fades dark spots & hyper-pigmentation
  • Lightens your scars and age spots
  • Removes the accumulation of dead skin cells 
  • Even out dull discoloured skin tone
  • Plump and hydrate while balancing skin
  • Anti-bacterial for clearing blemishes
  • Hypoallergenic, non pore clogging

  • Lather in hands or on a washcloth and wash entire body/face. Rinse thoroughly.


  • Main Ingredients: Nano Activated Charcoal Powder, Natural Pearl Powder, Shea Butter Oil, Olive Oil, Botanical Extracts
  • Net Weight: 70g


  • 1pc x Activated Charcoal Pearl Brightening Soap Bar


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