Acupressure Magnetic Slimming Insoles

$44.97 $12.97

Hoping to break a Weight Loss Plateau? Acupressure Magnetic Slimming Insoles automatically stimulate the slimming reflexes as you walk & stand.

These Acupressure Slimming Insoles combine Acupressure, Reflexology, and Magnetism to inhibit fat tissue growth whiling boosting blood circulation & metabolism. 

Regain sculpted silhouette & say goodbye to bloated body & stubborn fat!

Constructed with therapeutic contoured arch support for maximum comfort, they alleviate ankle & lower back pain and pressure.


  • Eight strategically-placed magnets & raised nodes to inhibit growth of fat tissue
  • Boosts expulsion of waste products & toxins
  • Increases metabolism and blood circulation¬†
  • Alleviates ankle & lower back pain and pressure
  • Shock absorbing, flexible & air-permeable for maximum comfort
  • Free cutting for perfect fit


  • Small Size: 27cm, US 35-39
    Large Size: 29cm, US 40-45


  • 1pc X Acupressure Magnetic Slimming Insoles


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