Adjustable Digging Fruit Scoop

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Fruits and vegetables are notable for their sumptuous appeal, enviable vitality and delectable taste, the manner with which they are processed can however add spice to the consumption process. With the new Adjustable Digging Fruit Scoop, your fruits and vegetables can now be neatly scooped and styled all for your culinary delight.

Featuring a sharp adjustable ring that cuts into your desirable sizes, the Adjustable Digging Fruit Scoop is perfect for both small and large fruit sizes. Its frame eases the removal of seeds in fruits like watermelon and grape, and with a further easy glide-cut design, the fruit can take the scoop shape for seamless handpicking during consumption.


  • Super-Sharp Adjustable Blade Ring
  • Strong Grip Rubber Knob Handle
  • Eliminates Need for Different-Sized Multiple Scoop
  • Seamless Gliding Design
  • Rust Prevention Coating
  • Washing Machine Safe


    • Material: Steel, Plastic
    • Weight: 62g
    • Length: 8cm


    • 1 x Adjustable Digging Fruit Scoop


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