Adjustable Non-Slip Boots Strap

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Weapon to keep your boots from Falling!

Knee-high boots are one of those particular items which don’t ever go out of style and tends to be a vital piece in every woman’s wardrobe, but them sliding off from time to time whenever you wear them is embarrassing, but not anymore with the help of the Adjustable Non-Slip Boots Strap

The Adjustable Non-Slip Boots Strap is made with adjustable and non-irritating nylon straps and is partnered with velcro adhesive strips that ensures everything stays put. Since it’s easy to use, you can now ace keeping your boots in place


  • Comfort:
    Keeps you away from needing to pull your boots up from time to time.
  • Easy To Use:
    Easy to wear, just adjust the length and stick to wear.
  • Velcro Design:
    Strongly hold the boots on the right length.
  • Adjustable:
    The adjustable strap length is suitable for any leg size.
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  • Reusable:
    No residue left after using, can reuse it others boots.
  • Fit All Length Boots: 
    Suitable for all kind of boots, even in ankle boots.


  • Color: Black
  • Material: Nylon + ABS
  • Size: 42cm X 3cm


  • 1 Pair x Adjustable Non-Slip Boots Strap


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