All-Round Protective Anti Blue Light & UV Glasses

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All-Round Protective Anti Blue Light & UV Glasses gives you the Premium Eyes Protection as well as giving you a Better Clear View.

Its strong Anti Blue Light & UV Function is Perfect for Watching Any Electronics Devices and Attending Outdoor Activities.


Full Protection For Your Eyes Prevent the Accumulated Damages of High Energy Blue Light emitted by electronic devices  (e.g. Computers, Tablets, and Smartphones) such as Dry Eye, Eye Fatigue and Pain and Macular Degeneration.


Block Blue Light – Block 65% of harmful blue light, 100% of UV.  Prevent Short-Term and Long-Term Damage, such as Sleep Disorders, Cataracts; Ensure Normal Bodies Circadian Rhythms; Reduce of melatonin production; Excellent for Reading Your Phone or Tablet at Night

Light Weight – Light Weight Durable Comfortable Frame Materials fit ergonomically with your face and head, FDA Approved


Clear Vision – Better See the Colors Contrast


Fashionable Appearance – Different Trendy Designs with Anti-Scratch Materials for you to Choose


Adding UV film – Suitable and Comfortable to wear All-Round Protective Anti Blue Light & UV Glasses even in the Outdoors because it has High Efficiency on Anti UV




Color Flat Black / Matte Black / Red Wine / Purple / Blue / Mixed




1 X All-Round Protective Anti Blue Light & UV Glasses


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