Anti-Bacterial Sink Organizer

$32.99 $10.97

No more messy counter & bacteria accumulation!

Anti-Bacterial Sink Organizer allows to air dry the sponge and dish cloth right in the sink.

Keep the counter dry, hygienic, and organized. Not even taking up space on the corner of the sink! 

Perfect to use in Kitchen & Bathroom – 


  • Anti-mold material against bacteria built up
  • Drain holes to facilitates fast drainage & aeration
  • Organizes sink for neat & hygienic space
  • Space saving with no place taking up in the sink
  • Easy & secure installation on faucet of various sizes
  • Comes with 2 additional clips to fasten 
  • Useful organizer in kitchen & bathroom


  • Size:
  • Color:
    Blue / Green / Pink



  • 1pc X Anti-Bacterial Sink Organizer
  • 2pcx X Additional Clip Fastener


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