Anti Bad Breath Tongue Scraper

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Yellow / white coat of bacterial film on tongue is gross.

Scientific studies confirm that the primary cause of bad breath is odor-causing bacteria on the tongue. This bacteria can also lead to periodontal disease and other oral health problems.

Anti Bad Breath Tongue Scraper is scientifically designed to effectively clean the tongue. Enjoy fresh breath and a prevent oral disease, along with restored taste.


  • Best remedy for bad breath
  • Eliminates periodontal disease causing bacteria
  • Premium stainless steel scraper
  • Smooth, curved cleaning edge
  • Heightens / restores sense of taste


  • Material: 420 Stainless Steel, ABS Plastic Handle
  • Size:11 X 5.5cm


  1. After flossing and brushing, rinse The Tongue Cleaner with fresh water.
  2. Extend your tongue fully. Place The Tongue Cleaner at the back of your tongue and pull forward while pushing down GENTLY.
  3. Repeat if necessary.
  4. When finished, rinse thoroughly with warm water and keep clean for optimum oral hygiene.


  • 1pc X Anti Bad Breath Tongue Scraper


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