Anti-Chaffing Thigh Saver Short


Freedom is doing without borders, and that’s everything you stand to gain with the amazing design of the new Anti-Chaffing Thigh Saver Short that grants you freedom to move the way you want without fear of sores emanating from chaffing, or sweat causing discomfort.

Tailored through premium fabric for your fashion delight, the Anti-Chaffing Thigh Saver Short moisture-wicking property prevents irritable sweat and odor.  Its super-light blueprint makes it comfortable and fitting always for any outfit type.


  • Anti-Chafing: Fashioned from premium clothing fabric beaming in enviable stretchability that minimizes friction during movement.

  • Comfort Fit Design: Comfortable design that fits perfectly irrespective of body size or choice outfit.

  • Moisture Wicking, Odor-Free: Draws moisture away from the body thereby preventing trickling sweat and unwanted odor.
  • Super Light Fabric: Seamless, lightweight design with quick-wash, fast-dry feature.

  • Durable and Highly Effective: Long-Lasting design that’ll effectively prevent discomfort.


  • Material: Rayon
  • Weight: 25g
  • Color: Beige, Black, White
  • Size: Free size


  • 1 x Anti-Chaffing Thigh Saver Short


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