Anti-Static Cloth & Hair Spray

$34.99 $12.97

Never get stuck in an awkward clingy moment, shocks or sparking!

Anti-Static Cloth & Hair Spray instantly eliminates static electricity & reduces static build-up or any embarrassing clingy spots or shocking situations.

The advanced formula is free of odor, build-up and sticky residue, from clothes to blankets to upholstery and more. 

☑️Contains 5 natural ingredients
No harmful chemicals
No cough-inducing haze
No aerosol cans



  • Instantly eliminates static electricity on hair & fabrics
  • Prevents static build-up with long lasting effect
  • Smooths flyaways & softens cloths
  • Deodorizing agents against bad odors
  • No harmful chemical or sticky residue & non-wetting formula
  • Safe for all color-fast, delicate fabrics & silk
  • Application on fabrics, clothing, hair & furnishings


  • Ingredients: Deionizing Water, Deodorizing Agents, Fabric Softener
  • Net Weight: 80ml


  • 1PC X Anti-Static Cloth & Hair Spray


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