Anti-swelling Body Toning Roller Massager

$34.99 $12.97

Reshape & firm areas with fat concentration (the abdomen, hips, thighs, legs & inner arms)!

Anti-swelling Body Toning Roller Massager delivers
a stimulating massage to tone legs while enhancing lymphatic drainage & health.

The targeted massage increases blood circulation which helps with disposal of fat & water from the body and stimulates oxygen penetration in the skin for a glowing & smooth complexion.


  • 360° Maximum firming, tightening, and detoxing results
  • Deep tissue massage to for breaking down storage of fats & cellulite

  • Clears lymphatic blockage, bad veins & expels excess water
  • Tones & reduces loose skin against sag, dimples & wrinkles
  • Boosts blood circulation to facilitate lipid metabolism & fat burning
  • Relieves stiff & fatigue muscles
  • Ergonomic palm shape design for great comfort


  • Size:



  • 1pc X Anti-swelling Body Toning Roller Massager


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