Anti-Theft Backpack with USB charging

$199.99 $38.99

No More Worries of People Stealing Valuables From Your Backpack!

Now You can have an UPGRADED ANTI-THEFT Backpack which includes a USB Charging Port!

The Backpack Features Anti-Theft Zippers & Slash-proof Strap which guard you against theft.

It also includes a USB charging Port to charge up your Mobiles, Tablets and other devices!


  • 3 Main Anti-Theft Features:
    Scratch/Cut Proof: Unbreakable by cutters and knives
    Wire-reinforced Slash-guard Strap + Turn & Lock Security Hook

    :Prevent cut & run theft
    Anti-Theft Zippers: Make thieves impossible to open through hidden zippers

  • USB Charging port 
    You can now charge up your devices easily without having to open the backpack.
  • Multifunctional and Large Capacity
    It can hold Laptop, digital devices, Clothes, Bottles and more. Make it the best companion for work and leisure

  • Anti-Shock Foam
    Shock-Proof function provided by anti-shock foam layer
  • Waterproof & Hard Wearing Material


  • Size: Width: 30cm / Height: 50cm / Depth: 11cm
  • Color: Blue / Purple / Black / Gray 
  • Weight: 0.64g


  • 1pc X Anti-Theft Backpack with USB charging


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