Antibacterial Egg Holder for 15 Eggs

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Never Put Your Eggs on the Refrigerator Door!

Scientific Researches shows that the Temperature Changes during Opening and Closing of the Refrigerator Doors can lead to Rapid Rotting of eggs.

Put Yours Eggs in Antibacterial Egg Holder to ensure Your eggs are New and Fresh for 10x Longer Time!


With the egg holder, eggs can be multiple superimposed and stored safely while preserving their freshness.


Maximise Storage Space – These egg trays are designed to maximise your refrigerator storage space. You can store up to 15 eggs.

Multiple Superimposed  – Egg tray can use multiple superimposed on the refrigerator, beautiful and save space, neatly organize your refrigerator without any loose eggs or flimsy egg cartons

Wide Application Dust-proof unsealed lid is suitable for fridge, freezer, pantry, refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, camping and picnic. Eggs can be stored safely while preserving their freshness.

Multi Usage – You can use it as an egg holder or take out the tray and use it as a general box to store what you want.

Suitable for All Size Egg – Can store small size to jumbo size eggs easily

Visible Design – Never run out of eggs



Size  25 X 15.5 X 7.2 cm

ColorGreen / Pink / White / Blue




1 X Antibacterial Egg Holder with Handle for 15 Eggs

(including one box and one tray)


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