Astro Sky Projection Lamp

$29.99 $14.97

Sleep Under The Galaxy.

Hard to reach the universe? Now you have your own one in home with Astro Sky Projection Lamp.

The Astro Sky Projector Lamp emits lights resembling the constellations in the sky, showing galaxies from the universe. Have a relaxing night in your room with Astro Sky Projection Lamp.


  • Relaxer: It mesmerizes you, makes you feel relaxed after a tiring day at work without needing to go out.

  • Wide Range: It emits light on more than 180° angle, covering your ceiling and walls.
  • Adjustable: Rotate the lamp depending on the view that you wish to see in a certain angle.

  • Battery Operated: It uses batteries making it portable, you can use it anywhere.
  • Great Visibility:
    With our strong light, you will see the clearest universe ever.

  • High-Quality Materials: It is made of high quality materials that makes it safe and energy efficient.


  • Material: PET, ABS, LED Bulb
  • Light Bulb Color: Yellow
  • Powered by: 2x AA Battery (Not included)
  • Size: 20cm X 28cm 


  • 1x Astro Sky Projector Lamp


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