Automatic Portable Washing Machine

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With the high frequency vibration & ultrasonic disinfection function, is ideal for clothing cleaning, jewellery cleaning, fruit cleaning and more….
Our Automatic Portable Washing Machine is small and takes up little space. It is suitable for limited spaces. It is easy to carry and is perfect for travel & camping.

With the ultrasound technology and small hole design, the chlorine in the tap water you used can dissolve stain quickly for deep cleansing kill bacteria.


  • Ideal for clothing cleaning, jewellery cleaning, fruit cleaning etc
  • Dissolve stain quickly for deep cleansing kill 99 % bacteria
  • Ultrasonic & Turbine Cleaning
  • Small & Portable
  • Good for travelling & camping

How to Use :

1. Put the clothes into the water
2. Pour liquid detergent
3. Put the washing machine in water.
4. Connect the power supply, and then turn on. Only 30 minutes the ultrasonic washing machine can remove dirt, then cut off the power, take your clothes out of the basin and clean then dry it.


  • Material: ABS
  • Power Supply: USB
  • Size:130*130*53mm

Package details:

  • Automatic Portable Washing Machine (with USB cable) x 1pc



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