Baby Soft Cloth Books

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4 Style Cloth books are the perfect first step into the wonderful world of books.


  • They’re soft, safe and cuddly, so you can let baby explore them without worry– whether that’s at playtime, bedtime or when you’re out and about together.
    Bright images in bold, contrasting colors catch your baby’s attention. Exciting textures – maybe a fuzzy puppy to stroke or a shiny mirror to peek at – encourage them to reach out and play.
  • Cloth books are good for you, too. They’re easy to clean and super light – perfect to throw in a bag when you’re on the way out, so baby’s got something to do on the move.


  • Material: Cloth
  • Features: Soft
  • Dimensions: 12*11.5cm
  • Age Range: 3-24 months


Delivery time: 10 business days


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