Break Ice and Penguin Puzzle

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Family union can make up for great fun, especially in shared laughter, feeling of camaraderie and great game time. The all new innovative Break Ice and Penguin Puzzle comes in an exciting style that makes times spent with family and friends worth it.

Made of small box plastic called blocks blends in blue and white colors to make a flat marble surface, in the center of the blocks is the Penguin which of course is the main catch. The reward is in seeing how long you and other players can protect the penguin before it falls off after taking your individual toll in smashing off each block using the face of a hammer.

With the Break Ice and Penguin Puzzle at hand, you can say goodbye to boredom and embrace more of family happy times.


  • Makes for a  Great Fun Time With Family and Friends
  • Very Easy to Set Up
  • Made of Strong Materials That Doesn’t Get Damaged Easily
  • Improves Mental Health
  • Eliminates Boredom
  • Lightweight and Highly Durable


    • Remove the plastic frames from the box.
    • Connect its part through the hinges.
    • Pin the blocks into the frame.
    • Use hammer to break the ice.


      • Material: Plastic
      • Weight: 50g
      • Size: 12.0cm x 3.5cm x 16.0cm
      • Color: Blue + White


      • 1 x Break Ice and Penguin Puzzle


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