Breastfeeding Silicone Nipple Protector

$19.99 $8.99

Don’t let sore nipples prevent you from providing your baby with your valuable breast milk.

This nipple protector is a thin piece of silicone that is placed on your nipple so that your baby can feed at the breast. The nipple protector provides a definitive shape for mom’s nipple, making it easy to latch onto… all what baby has to do is open his/her mouth and start sucking.

Allows your baby to continue nursing until the nipple pain or challenges you are experiencing with the breasts/nipples are resolved.

Protects your nipples during baby teething and also helps transition to bottle-feeding.

Package Includes: 1 x Nipple Protector + 1 x Travel protective case
Measurement: 5.8 cm x 8 cm

Delivery time: 10 business days 
Email: [email protected]


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