Brittle Nail Repair Cuticle Oil

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Cracked & peeling cuticles may allow bacteria to enter your nails and cause an infection, so you’ll want to treat them as soon as you notice dryness.

Brittle Nail Repair Cuticle Oil repairs & prevents nail cracks & peeling cuticles, reducing bacteria & fungal infection with prolonged hydration against future dryness & cracking.

No more cracked nails & flaking or peeling cuticles!

The anti-fungal, healing properties of this miracle oil protects your nails from infection & breakage.

The cuticles are soothed, softened and protected, strengthening broken & brittle nails.


  • Significantly reduces broken & brittle nails
  • Restores depletion of natural oil from frequent manicure or chemical contacts e.g.
    • Harsh Soaps
    • Hand Sanitizers
    • Nail Polish Removers
  • Anti-fungal for preventing infection & fungal nails
  • Soothes hangnails & torn cuticles

  • Promotes the formation of strong & healthy nail tissues
  • Leaves your nails shiny & smooth with prolonged hydration
  • Applicable to both finger and toe nails for healthy nails


  • Twist the end of the pen.
  • Apply and massage gently but firmly into nail and cuticle.
  • Tissue off any excess. Use morning and evening.
  • Hints and tips: Use whenever you give yourself a manicure to condition your cuticles.


  • Ingredients: Purified Water, Keratin, Almond and Sunflower oil, Vitamins A, C, and E, Calcium Molecules, Natural Disinfectant
  • Net Content: 5ml


  • 1PC X Brittle Nail Repair Cuticle Oil


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