Button Remove Pet Hair Brush

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for your pet & Easy for YOU to remove knots!

Button Remove Pet Hair Brush delivers unrivalled results when detangling stubbornly locked pet hair, featuring the unique one-press, no mess hair discard.  

The ultra flexible gentle teeth detangle pet hair at the root without pulling, tugging or causing pain. 


Matted hair is a painful condition most commonly seen in dogs and cats with long coats. The condition is caused by tangled knots, or “mats,” which cause discomfort and even lead to health risks. We recommend the Button Remove Pet Hair Brush to ensure your furry friend lives pain free. Guaranteed easy usage and easy to clean. It will become your favorite pet hair removal tool.


  • Removes locks, tangles & shreds instantly without pulling, pain, or stress
  • Discards hair on brush with the press of a button
  • 60° Bend Ultra flexible brush teeth for tug-free application

  • Gently massages your dog or cat for improved circulation & shinier hair
  • Comfort-grip and anti-slip handle
  • Suitable for both cats and dogs with sensitive skin


  • Size: 185mm X 100mm


  • 1PC X Button Remove Pet Hair Brush


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