Car Headlight refurbished Polish Liquid

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Car Headlights refurbished Polish Liquid adopts the latest patented spray coating repair technology, 10-second curing film formation, environmental protection, non-toxic, no heavy metal, in line with the European Union quality standard SGS certification. Easy to operate, environmental protection, non-toxic, no heavy metal, in line with the European Union quality standard SGS certification. Atomizing tank can heat nanometer coating solution, produce ultra-fine atomized gas and plastic surface to produce crosslinking reaction, form high-density nano transparent layer, repair the car lamp surface scratches, scratches, yellowing, loss of light, oxidation cracking and other defects.

  • No disassembly is required.
  • Quick drying.
  • High strength and hardness, Super high temperature resistance.
  • Lasting effect, Labor saving.
  • Fully removes haze and corrosion from headlight lenses.
  • Light output and beam pattern restored, Protect your car from scratching.
  • Easy steps that provide long lasting UV protection.

    How to applying:

    • (1), Adhesive tape shielding. – Use tape to shield the lamp from polishing the paint.
    • (2), Lamp polishing. – The lamp is first polished with 320# water sandpaper and water, Then polish the lamp with 600#-1000#-2000# water and sandpaper until the surface is smooth and smooth, and the towel is clean.
    • (3), Turn on the power supply. – Wear protective glasses cover, pull the tank seal ring, connect the spray pipe, switch on the source and turn on the heating switch. (Sealing ring must be opened before power supply and heating switch can be connected)
    • (4), Atomization coating.- After 2-3 minutes of connect the power, the spray port is coated 1 centimeters from the surface of the vehicle. The brightness can be plated during operation. Do not coat the same place for a long time to avoid affecting the drying speed.


      • Durability: 3 years.
      • Consumption: 200ML.
      • Coating Thickness: 30um.
      • Type: Car liquid ceramic coat.
      • Anti-corrosion: PH tolerance: PH2-12.

      Package Include:

      • 1 Set x Car Headlight refurbished Polish Liquid.


      • Warning: keep out of reach of children. if swallowed, contact a physician at at once.
      • Eye contact: immediately filed eyelid accidentally get in the eyes with plenty of water rinse, a serious hospital for treatment.
      • Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color showed on the pictures.


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