Catnip Wall Ball (2-Pack)

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😻Cats Love Catnip! 😻Give your cat a nutritional fun toy with the Catnip Wall Ball! Natural ingredients that keep them happy and healthy!

Licking this cat treat ball, gives your cat its daily healthy amount of sugar which increases its energy and makes it cute like a little kitty. The bottom sticker can let you replace the ball on anywhere such as floor or wall beside your cat’s bed. So your cat can lick it for hours and enjoy


  • Improve your cat’s health: Promotes the healthy growth of the cat’s brain, enhances immunity, and strengthens bones.
  • Keep your cat hydrated: It encourages cats that don’t drink enough water to drink to stay hydrated.
  • Enhance their urinary system: Drinking water regularly improves the cat’s urinary system.
  • Offer good nutrition: Nutrition ingredients include catnip and various trace elements including fish glue that taste good and will keep your cat healthy as well.
  • Reduce your Furiend anxiety: The lick and stick treat ball will make your furiend hook on a good feeling.


  • Item Type: Cat Toy
  • Material: Catnip, Silvervine, Gall Fruit
  • Quality Guarantee Period:18 months


  • Catnip Wall Ball (2-Pack)


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