Colorful Anti-Bug Silicone Bracelet

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Mosquitoes not only make annoying music, they infuse lethargy into the bloodstream, carrying all nature of diseases that cause you to spend more in discomfort on yourself, and kids. With the amazing power of the new Colorful Anti-Bug Silicone Bracelet, you can finally say goodbye to mosquito and other insect bites every time you lace it around your wrist.

Blending a host of bug repelling oils into a super-active capsule to arrive at a non-toxic wrist band that scares bugs and mosquitoes off, the Anti-Bug Wristband is fashionable and trendy with all outfit types essentially with a variation of colors to choose from. Durable and reusable, you and your kids can embraces all round protection from bug bites when it’s around your wrist and ankle.


  • Non-Toxic, Efficient Design
  • Offers Round the Clock Protection
  • Replaceable Oil Capsule
  • Noiseless and Easy to Fix
  • Perfect for Every Outfit Type
  • Durable, Long-Lasting, and Highly Effective
  • Comfortable to Wear


    • Material: Rubber, Aromatic Oils
    • Weight: 25g
    • Size: Free Size (Adjustable)
    • Color: Rose Red, Sky Blue, Black, Purple, Yellow


    • 1 x Colorful Anti-Bug Silicone Bracelet


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