Crushed Shell Sequins Gradient Nail

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Shells are popular custodian of beauty and history alike, and for their artistic appeal, we cannot but admire the quaint glows and enviable finesse that stays unique to every piece.

The new Crushed Shell Sequins Gradient Nail simulates the beauty and art in shells and sequins to hand you alluring nails crafted to sparkle seamlessly.


  • Fashionable and Trendy
    The gradient nail aligns you with the raving style of the moment in fingernail art
  • Strong and Durable
    Doesn’t break or chip off easily and can last weeks before losing grip
  • Sparkles in Light
    Translucent makeup gives up glows in indoor and outdoor light rays
  • Combines Perfectly
    Can be used with other nail decor including gold foils and dry flowers
  • Easy to Fix
    Without a manicurist help, the do-it-yourself model of the Sequins Gradient Nail makes fixing easy
  • Color Variant
    There’s an avalanche of colors to choose from as it suits and fits


  1. Apply glue gel on nails and arrange shell as it fits.
  2. Fill to trim edges and smoothen out.


  • Material: Acrylic Shell
  • Weight: 6g
  • Color: 12 Colors (As Shown)


    • 1 Box Crushed Shell Sequins Gradient Nail (12 Mixed Colors)


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