Dazzling Sparkle Sneaker

$98.97 $48.97

Soak up the attention with Dazzling Sparkle Sneaker on your every step.


Featuring an gleaming array of Rhinestone and Platform Crystal Rubber Outsole, Dazzling Sparkle Sneaker let you Stand Out from the crowd with Ultra Comfort.



Rhinestone Design – Lend Sparkling Brilliance To Every Step

Crystal Rubber Outsole – New Trend of Sneaker, Anti-Slip & Elastic

Platform Shoes – Leg-lengthening

High Quality Leather – Soft & Breathable

Toe-to-heel Cushioning Soles – Exceptional Shock Absorption & Comfort

All-round Styling Item – Match with Casual & Grand Looks



COLOR – Rainbow / Silver

SIZE – 35 – 40



1 Pair X Dazzling Sparkle Sneaker


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