Double Action Leather Cleansing Balm

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Restore the luster of leather NOW with extra protection.

Double Action 
Leather Cleansing Balm eliminates the toughest stains on non-washable items while leaving a translucent polish film for prolonged protection. It cleans & conditions your leather items in one miracle bottle!

The double action formula provides a leave-in protection effect for anti-molding & repelling water, restoring your leather to its brand new look.

Non-rinse applications means no laundering needed with no residue left! 


  • Instantly removes stubborn stains, dirt & grime
  • Non-rinse formula perfect for non-washable items
  • Leaves a nourishing protective film against fading & cracking of leather

  • Double protection – anti-molding & water-repellent properties

  • Damage-free & gentle on genuine & faux leather surface

  • Soft & supple yet non-greasy finish
  • Wide applicable on hand bags, sofa, wallet, shoes and more


  • Ingredients: Stain Dissolving Compounds, Anti-molding Agents, Deodorizer, Natural Plant Extracts, Luster Oil, Waterproofing Agents 
  • Net Weight: 60g


  1. Apply balm on area
  2. Use a towel or sponge to wipe stain until removed
  3. No rinsing needed


  • 1PC X Double Action Leather Cleansing Balm


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