Double-Layer Microfiber Absorbent Kitchen Wipe (5PCS)

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As pouring, emptying and filling are traditional to every kitchen, so is liquid spillage from virtually every culinary related activity, and since keeping it dry always is the way to go,  the Double-Layer Microfiber Absorbent Kitchen Wipe is specially crafted to help you achieve that seamlessly.

This amazing towel uses top of the line microfiber technology to easily wipe off thick grease, oil, and other dirt you need to clean up in your kitchen!

Its moisture holding feature makes it perfect for wiping and surface cleaning of household gadgets including blender, refrigerator and lampblack machine.


  • Strong Absorbent Quality
  • Soft and Thick for Wiping and Mopping
  • One Side Can Cover Large Area of Cleaning
  • Easy to Wash, Reusable
  • Lightweight and Highly Durable


    • Material: High Quality Microfiber
    • Weight: 30g
    • Size: 16.cm x 27.5cm
    • Color: Pink, Green, Purple, Gray, Blue


    • 5 x Double-Layer Microfiber Absorbent Kitchen Wipe (Random Colors)


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