Easy Pull Retractable Plant Hook

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Cultivating a garden can be a long throw at leisure, the quest for a more ventilated surrounding, or the simple, sheer love for colorful beauty. The Easy Pull Retractable Plant Hook makes every art of planting a joyful, seamless delight.

Adopting the physics of a pulley machine, the Plant Hook features a design that keeps the load in between a hanging fulcrum and an expandable effort point. Your outdoor plant, herbs, bird feeders and wind chime can now stay safe and secure from human and animal interference.

No need for ladder to water, fill or clean every morning or evening, just pull, groom and watch as it seamlessly retract.


  • Highly Effective, Simple to Use
  • Quick Fix, Technical Free Procedure
  • Strong Even for Heavy Plant Load of up to 10lb
  • Highly Expandable and Adjustable up to 30 inches
  • Can Be Anywhere in the Home
  • Portable, Lightweight and Durable


  1. Hook to a wooden or metal roof post.
  2. Hook plant bucket or basket to the other extreme and hold to groom.
  3. Release if you are through and you want it to retract. 


    • Material: ABS, Steel
    • Weight: 188g
    • Color: Black


    • 1 x Easy Pull Retractable Plant Hook


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