EasySnap Nordic Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks (2pcs)

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Add a Scandinavian twist to your home décor with EasySnap Nordic Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks! 

Classy & Versatile

Thanks to the premium craftmanship, the tiebacks are crafted in high-quality materials along with a tasteful design. The rope is made of durable polyester in a sophisticated weave pattern, while the balls are constructed of synthetic pearls to add a classy touch. With a pair of strong magnets, the tiebacks can work well and stay firmly even on thick curtains.

Just Wrap & Snap

Whether you want to hold all or just a part of the curtains, simply wrap them around with the pearl balls and snap them together, your curtains will be fixed in an elegant way with no efforts required – not to mention there’s no need to drill or install anything on your wall!


  • A classy piece for your home
  • Simple & easy to use
  • Unique & tasteful design
  • A punch-free solution to hold your curtains
  • Elegant weaved rope x synthetic pearls
  • Durable & strong magnets
  • Works well on thick curtains
  • Various styles: fully wrapped / half wrapped / tied & more
  • No wrinkles left on curtains after usage


Color: Pink, Turquoise, Silver, Gold, White

Length: 46 cm


1pair x EasySnap Nordic Magnetic Curtain Tiebacks


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