Eco-friendly Stone Bag – White Garbage Bag



Do you know that more than one million bags are used every minute and 100 billion plastic bags are thrown away annually? And more alarming to know, these items take a whopping 1000 years to disintegrate! 


The best alternative to Plastic Bags (IF Design Award 2019 earned)

  • Look just like Plastic bag: No difference in appearance and function compared to traditional plastic bags
  • Durable:  Bear even the heaviest loads up to 5Kg.
  • Faster degradation: Taking only 3-6 months to disintegrate under natural light and return back to the soil, through combustion as it does not generate tar and toxic gas; and through thermal oxidation when buried in soil.
  • Low environmental impact during raw material acquisition! Waste (i.e. stones) from mining and construction industries are used to produce stone bags using oxidation degradation technology.
  • Low carbon emission during manufacturing of Stone Bags
  • Low disposal release. In the process of combustion, there is no release of black smoke or pungent smell. Result of combustion shows affinity in nature from the stone powder, thus doing no harm to the human and natural environment.
  • Comparing to stone-degradable bags with biodegradable bags, stone-degradable products are tougher, moisture-proof (not easily moldy) and have lower carbon emission, thus is more efficient in reducing plastic pollution than biodegradable bags.



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