Elastic Shirt Suspender

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Keeping it prim and plum is the icing of a gorgeous appearance, and that is what the Elastic Shirt Suspender hands to your shirt when you’ve got to tuck it in.

No more poking shirt base that flies off usually from the back after some arm movement. The Elastic Shirt Suspender boosts your confidence level by keeping you sleekly dressed in the manner of alpha charismatic men.


  • Ultra-Slim Design: 
    Suspender plums with your waist with active yet unnoticeable finesse.
  • No Poking Base: 
    Stops shirt base from flaying after being tucked in.
  • Improves Confidence: 
    Raise your arms and move whichever way without fear of looking ruffled.
  • Lightweight and Durable
    Long-Lasting material weighing little.
  • Adjustable Strap: 
    No need to worry about your shape and size. You can simply adjust.

      HOW TO WEAR:

      1. Wind around waist above shirt base.
      2. Adjust till it fits. Buckle up.


      • Material: Nylon, Metal
      • Weight: 35g
      • Size: Width-2.5cm, Length-120cm (Adjustable)
      • Color: Black 


      • 1 x Elastic Shirt Suspender


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