Electric Fly Killer Machine 2.0

$41.99 $20.99

Don’t let annoying flies bother you anymore! 

Do not be a victim of annoying mosquitoes & the diseases they carry! Kill all the mosquitoes, flies and other insects in your home with our Electric Fly Killer Machine 2.0 ! It will guarantee a insects-free summer.


Flies are lured to unit where they will be swept under the rotating arm. After the flies are captured by the rotating head they are dropped into the repository below.

It is great for outdoor & indoor useGet the Automatic Fly Catcher and Enjoy a Fly Free Zone!


  • Work in silent, quiet sweeping arms

  • Anti-shock & crush resistant
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Odorless, safe & non-toxic 


  • Material : Plastic
  • Size : (Dia.) x (H) 24cm x 7 cm 
  • USB power supply


  • Electric Fly Killer x 1 pc 


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