Electric Pet Flea Comb

$37.99 $16.99

Stop fleas from biting your pet… Flea bites are painful for your pet and can cause scratching & biting. Save them with our Electric Pet Flea Comb.

It easily kills & removes disgusting fleas chemical-free without hurting your pets! Reaches deep into your pet’s coat, finds the fleas, kills & removes them with no discomfort to your pet.

Your dog will enjoy grooming with this! 🐶❤️️ 


🐶Kills fleas on your pets as you groom their fur

🐶The comb gathers the dead fleas, and an eject button lets you discard them hands-free

🐶Safe, chemical-free & non-toxic.

🐶Quickly kills fleas but is harmless & painless for your pets

🐶Perfect for your pets in different ages & sizes


🐶Material : High Quality ABS + Stainless Steel

🐶Wide :

26cm x 17.5cm x 5cm 


🐶Electric Pet Flea Comb x 1pc 


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