Electronic Anti-flea Comb

$44.99 $28.99

Kills any fleas, removes foul odors on the coat and leave it shiny without any chemicals.

Our Electronic Anti-flea Comb is easy to use. The comb teeth generate an electrostatic current, which 
can kill fleas & bugs instantly.
Negative ions & active oxygen eliminates foul odors
on your pet’s coat & leaves it shiny.

It is perfect for Cats & Dogs designed especially to fight fleas, this comb is completely painless & harmless to your pet.


  • Kills fleas without chemicals
  • Uses electrostatic current – kills fleas, but is harmless for you & your pet
  • Safe for dogs, cats & human
  • Small rubber tips on edge of comb teeth 
  • Easy to use & clean
  • Can be re-used many times


  • Color: White
  • Weight: 355g  

Package details:

  • Electronic Anti-flea Comb x 1 pc
  • Plug x 1 pc
  • Filter Bags x 2 pcs


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