Emergency Lightweight Waterproof Sleeping Bag

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Important for emergency, weighs only 110g and designed to let you sleep anywhere. It reflects 90% of your body heat, making you feel comfortable and protected from rain, wind, and snow

Manufactured from compact, versatile, and extremely durable materials making it reusable , waterproof and tear-resistant. Most- recommended by experienced travelers, easy to keep, and low-maintenance.


  • Perfect Sleep Companion

The best sleeping buddy wherever you go! Whether you’re in the wild or in your car, it will make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

  • Survival and Protection

Specially made to protect you from rain, strong winds, heat, and cold. Waterproof; a must-have survival tool for extreme adventures like camping and hiking.

  • Lightweight

Weighs only 110g and compact, you can fit into anywhere, your glove compartment, purse, even just hang it down your backpack.

  • Tear-resistant

It is tear-resistant, reusable and durable, making last longer and give your better protection than usual sleeping bags.

  • Made from Revolutionary PE Materials

It reflects 90% of your body heat through its PE materials keeping it warm inside during storms and cold weather.

  • Low Maintenance

Easy to clean, keep, and maintain. Foldable and washable.

  • Sharp Orange Outlook

Increases your visibility and chances of being seen and rescued when crisis occur. 


Weight: 110 grams

Material: PE Coating

Package Includes
1x Emergency Lightweight Waterproof Sleeping Bag


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