Fleece Heating Scarf for Health

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3 in 1 Fleece Heating Scarf; it serves as a hand warmer,  scarf, and a heater. Various health benefits including: relaxing the neck, decreasing fatigue, and improving sleep quality. It improves blood circulation during cold weather, keeping the whole body warm and comfortable.

Stimulates the immune system and promotes lymphatic drainage. Adjustable temperature from 107-122° F, perfect for the cold weather, comfortable, safe and lightweight.


  • Multi-purpose

Not just a scarf, but a scarf that also serves as a heater and hand warmer with numerous health benefits.

  • Health Benefits

It has various overall health benefits; improves blood circulation, stimulates the immune system, and promotes lymphatic drainage.

  • Adjustable Temperature

The heat is adjustable from 107-122° F, no risk of over-heating or under temperature.

  • Rechargeable

Comes with a USB cord and rechargeable with any charging devices such as plugs, laptop and portable charger.

  • Relaxing

Releases warmth from the neck and down; relaxing the neck, decreases fatigue and improves sleep.

  • Perfect for the Cold Weather

Protects you from cold weather, keep your entire body warm and comfortable.


Colors: Black, Brown, Pink

Package Includes

1x Fleece Heating Scarf


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