Foldable Auto Progressive Reading Glasses

$49.99 $17.97

Perfect your vision at different working distances by one pair of glasses!

Foldable Auto Progressive Reading Glasses correct your eye sight from reading distance to far distance, thanks to the 8-gradual progressive lens.

With the multi-focal progressive lens technology, you no longer have to ‘switch glasses’ for any distance.
Precision engineered collapsible frame guaranteed to always fold up smoothly with wear-resistant lens treatment, ensuring long durability for comfortable use.


  • Corrects nearsightedness & farsightedness in one seamless lens
  • Oct-focal progressive lens technology to adapts to different viewing distance
  • Ultra-flexible, collapsible frame & arms with high durability
  • Shatter-proof, safe from scratches, squashing and other accidents
  • Anti-glare & UV blocking
  • Works against eyestrain with blue light protection


  • Size:


  • 1 PAIR X Foldable Auto Progressive Reading Glasses


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