Fresh Scent Car Air Freshener

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Scents are lasting vehicles of fond memories. They connect past times with the present, locking us in the nostalgia of cherished moments spent in aloneness or shared laughter. The magical allure of the new Fresh Scent Car Air Freshener keeps your vehicle alive everytime so great memories are made whether you’re driving alone or in the company of loved ones.

Featuring a strong aromatic core that randomly distributes bubble of soul-lifting scent across the internal length of your car, the Fresh Scent Car Air Freshener works both as an air purifier and freshener softly eliminating odor and toxin. Its non-chemical base makes it harmless to health and perfect for every car choice and lover of sweet fragrance.


  • Purifies, Humidifies and Freshens Air
  • Strong, Chemical-Free Aromatic Core
  • With Fragrance Volatilization¬†Control
  • Superior and Ingenuous Design
  • Stable Silicon Clip that Does Not Hurt Air Outlet
  • Sweet Variant of Fragrances to Choose From


  • Material: Fragrance, Plastic
  • Weight: 25g
  • Size: 8.3cm x 1.4cm
  • Color: Black, Red, Silver


  • 1 x Fresh Scent Car Air Freshener
  • 3 x Scent Sticks

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