Front Zipper Closure Wirefree Extra Breathable Silk Bra


These Push Up Breast Enhancers give maximum cleavage for the ladies looking to make their breasts look naturally fuller.
Yoga Bra technology


Size International Size British size
M 70A/70B 32A/32B
L 70C/70D–75A/75B 32C/32D–34A/34B
XL 75C/75D–80A/80B 34C/34D–36A/36B
XXL 80C/80D–85A/85B 36C/36D–38A/38B
XXXL 85C/85D–90A/90B/90C 38C/38D–40A/40B/40C

Provides ultimate support to keep your bust uplifted

The seamless design delivers unbeatable smoothing without bra lines.


Improves posture by pulling your shoulders upright and pushing your chest forward.

   The band-like PUSH-UP BRA holds the breasts tightly & comfortably to your SHAPE and is well-suited for EVERY CUP SIZE
Easy front hook closure – gorgeous lace and posture support – ALL IN ONE BRA!


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