Gentle Fresh Feminine Deodorant Mist

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Get rid of vaginal odor & discomfort for good with a boost of freshness. Gentle Fresh Feminine Deodorant Mist provides you with quick vulva cure & care.

The mist has applied a special patent formula with silvernano added – which is proven to be effective in treating vulva diseases thanks to its antibacterial properties. The release of silver ions is capable of destroying compounds contain sulfur & phosphorus within bacteria, fungi or viruses, which means you can stay away from odor, itchiness or even pain.

With a perfect mix of rich herbs, the mist is totally natural & harmless to use. The herbal extracts work well in balancing the vaginal pH value so there will be no way for micro-organisms to flourish and develop odor, while leaving a comfort & protective layer to keep you refreshed & calm throughout the day.


  • Ultimate solution to vaginal odor & discomfort
  • Formulated with silvernano
  • Antibacterial with strong ability to destroy the compounds of bacteria, fungi or viruses
  • Anti-allergic
  • Rich herbal extracts
  • Natural & harmless
  • Works well in balancing pH values
  • No artificial scent added
  • Perfect for everyday use
  • Long-lasting
  • Portable


Size: 80ml 


1 pc x Gentle Fresh Feminine Deodorant Mist 


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