Heated Car Seat Cushion

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Our Heated Car Seat Cushion is convenient and durable seat cushion to keep your body warm while sitting or lying on the coldest days.
The 12V heated seat cushion will instantly warm your body after plugging into the 12 volts power socket.
It also has elastics straps and clips with the help of a non–slip back padding will keep it in place in all chairs you prefer.


TEMPERATURE CONTROL – Temperature control for your preference of high or low heat.

PROVIDE WARMTH – 12V black heated seat cushions instantly provides warmth to your body. It feels more comfort and warmth satisfaction in cold days.

SAFE & WIRING-DOES NOT BURN – UL approved wires which warm up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit are safe and nonflammable. 

COMFORTABLE – Stylish and very comfortable to sit on. It features a layer of thick foam padding, wrapped in super soft satin for your comfort. 


  • Size: 96 * 48cm
  • Input Current: 12 V DC
  • Power line: 133CM
  • Surface Material: Polyester 

Package details:

  • Heated Car Seat Cushion x 1pc


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