Heating Trousers

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Perfect for winter and outdoor activities such as skiing, hiking, and more. Made from thick comfortable elastic materials keeping your body warm and cozy.

Rechargeable and energy-saving. Powered with Intelligence Control; three heating modes-: Energy-saving (25°C), Comfortable  (35°C), and Warm  (45°C).  


  • Protection

Provides secure warmth protection during the cold weather. Avoid getting chills, hypothermia, the flu and other cold-related illness. 

  • Fast Heating

Heating process takes only 1 minute to finish, waste no time in providing protection for your body.

  • Waterproof

Designed with waterproof technology to aid in your overall protection.

  • Rechargeable and Washable

Comes with a USB port for recharging. Removable battery compartment for easy cleaning.

  • Energy-saving

Works for up to 8 hours while saving electricity, long lasting battery life.

  • Intelligence Control

Designed with intelligence control. Has three operating modes: Energy-saving (25°C), Comfortable  (35°C), and Warm  (45°C).

  • Comfortable

Comfortable to wear. Made from thick yet soft materials,   fits well with the body and doesn’t slip, providing warmth and comfort.


Color: Black

Size: S, M, L, xL, xxL, 3xL, 4xL, 5xL, 6xL

Package Includes

1x Heated Trousers


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