Hommie™ Lint Remover

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Freshen your clothes like brand new using Hommie™ Lint Remover. Remove lint, pilling, fluff balls, pet hairs, crumbs etc. instantly with just a few strokes!

Quick and powerful yet leaves no damage and traces at all! Restore the glamorous looks of your sweaters, curtains, carpet, upholstery, clothes in no time.


No Battery, refills or tape. The powerful copper head and smooth polished wooden handle make lint removing so environmental-friendly & money-saving.



  • Powerfully Engineered Durable pure copper head remains very powerful in removing stubborn lint, pet hair, crumbs etc. through time, while the well polished wooden handle provides a comfortable and non-slip grip.

  • Quick Freshening – Restore your favourite coat or jumper their glamorous looks like new so they last longer! Save money with Hommie™ Lint Remover and extend the life of your clothes.

  • Battery-Free – Clean whenever and wherever you want non-stop without  running out of battery. This environmental-friendly remover saves the planet and saves you money!

  • Wildly Applicable – Removes all stubborn pet hair, crumbs, lint etc. effortlessly without leaving traces and damages on yours clothes, bedding, carpets, sofas, car seats, blinds and more.


    • Material: Wood, Copper


    • 1 x Hommie™ Lint Remover


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