Inflatable Shim Bag / Pry Bar

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In search of that one, ubiquitous tool with limitless applications? The amazing Inflatable Shim Bag/Pry Bag hands you a plethora of use for lifting, separating and opening items around the home or in your garage.

Capable of handling items of up to 400lb, the Inflatable Shim Bag/Pry Bag works sucking air from your immediate environ to generate pressure required in lifting heavy items and opening those with separately joints.


  • Suitable for Heavy Items:
    It can lift items of up to 400lb seamlessly.
  • Eases Windows and Doors Installation:
    Pressure from the bag can be used in separating and supporting door and window parts for proper screwing or adjustment. Related image
  • One Hand Operation: 
    Even as it could lift heavy items, little one handed effort is enough to swing it into operation.

Related image

  • Does Not Cause Damage:
    Strong and durable enough to withstand ample weight and prevent damage.
  • Portable: 
    Easy to carry around.


    1. Place flaccid bag under item you want to lift, or in between openings you want to separate.
    2. Adjust alloy valve for air intake.
    3. Apply pressure to latex bulb to pump air into bag.


    • Material: Valve, Tube, Rubber Ball
    • Weight: 120g
    • Size: 14.5cm x 16.0cm
    • Color: Black


      • 1 x Inflatable Shim Bag/Pry Bar


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